Without A Chord



Without A Chord was sent up from below to give final bosses a finishing blow.  Hacking his way to the top of the electronic music scene with a vicious blend of baroque, metal and dance music he spawns the most beautiful ballads and the most epic showdowns.  Using bass choirs and beat downs this artist will make even the most malevolent of filth flea from this planet. 

Currently Without A Chord is designing a virus to plague the music industry, blending genres or twisting them beyond recognition in an Avant Garde style whirlwind.  Unafraid of trying new things musically this artist provides an increasing stream of consistently improving musical art.  As well as producing and engineering music for other metal acts this artist finds time to push boundaries in music technology embracing his inner hacker.


Looking to the future Without A Chord is full of potential craving to evolve his sound workflow and live performance setup while keeping his roots planted.  His newest sonic expressions will get darker, heavier and more intricate forging feelings of mayhem, fear, hope, chaos and desolation.  The near future involves coding and building a custom DAW controller to help evolve the future of his live performance shows and studio productions.  As well as pushing to be in all kinds of line ups from solo piano performances and death metal shows to scoring films or video games live and beyond.




Upcoming releases

A late 2021 release

Most recent stylings


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  • Opened for Helicopter Showdown at Westcott Theater in Syracuse NY

  • Opened for Soften The Glare which includes Ryan Martinie (bassist of Mudvayne)

  • Rage Fest at the famous Water Street Music Hall in Rochester NY (METAL FEST)

  • SmiteFest x2 (heavy metal/electronic/industrial festival)

  • SXSW Hackathon

  • New York Topliner Camp Alumni

  • Opened for Spiderhound

  • Opened for world renown Derek Piotr